Dancing in the Wind

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Circles of Life 2 Rebar and recycled steel is welded together and colored with various oxides and covered with resin. The sculpture sways in the wind on its strong concave base. Totem with Sun Head This fun-loving Clay totem is stacked on a welded steel base, topped with the sun face. Each piece in the totem maybe rearranged, if desired. NOTE: there will be additional shipping and handling charges if the totem is not picked up from Kanika's studio. Red Willow Square steel rods are welded to a steel base to simulate a willowy plant.

Painted bright red, this sculptures is particularly striking in front of deep green plants.

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The base can hold a planter, if desired. NOTE: Due to the size there will be additional shipping and handling fees if the sculpture is not picked up from Kanika's studio. Rebar and recycled steel is welded together and colored with various oxides and covered with resin. Vernal Sun One of two similar tile sculptures, "Vernal Coupling" presents one of Kanika's first explorations into using recycled metal with cracked tiles mounted on OSB wood prepared with wood preservative for covered outdoor use.

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Kinetic Diva Kanika used a plasma cutter and welder to develop an exciting kinetic sculpture for the garden. She used several different grinders on the recycled steel body to impart designs that shine in the sunlight.

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The body turns on its rebar axis and dances and turns in the wind. The back spine of the kinetic sculpture is studded with colorful glass and clay which sparkles in the sun. Whirligig Saw Garden Stake Kanika welds her garden stakes from recycled steel and colors them with a propane torch, spray paint, solvent oxides, or acrylic paints. Abstract Vessel This organic clay vessel may be used as a fountain or just placed into the garden.

There is an opening in the bottom large enough to insert a small fountain pump. This is best placed in a pond or large bowl of water. NOTE: there may be additional shipping and handling charges if the sculpture is not picked up from Kanika's studio. Tower of Meditation This hand-built clay and glass sculpture contains a small pump in the base. Water gently flows down from the top down the sides.

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It may be placed in a small pond or deep bowl. The sharp angles in the powder-coated steel body depict the strength of this Diva. The sculpture may be displayed indoors or outdoors where she will move and dance in the wind. Shipping and handling are additional charges; contact Kanika about the specific charges for this piece. Survivor Diva Clay tiles with colorful breast cancer survivor woman on recycled steel.

For inside or outside use. My Cup Runneth Over Fountain Coil and slab techniques were used to create this interesting ceramic goddess fountain. The water spills out over the top of its neck opening. Later, when Johnny is framed for the repeated thefts at the resort, he refuses to give up his actual alibi, claiming that was alone in his room the night of the crimes when he was really with Baby.

Dancing in the Wind

He does this to protect his newfound love from disappointing — you guessed it — her father. Tragically, his well-meaning gesture ends up backfiring on both of them. After Johnny is fired, having been deemed guilty by his boss, Baby reveals the true nature of their relationship. This upsets Dr. Houseman to the point that he refuses to talk to his daughter.

Real mature, Jake. In the final scene of the film, Johnny stands up for Baby one more time, pulling her out of that proverbial corner her father has placed her in and into the spotlight. He also lifts himself up as he suggests that people — yes, even men — can be both strong and sensitive simultaneously. After he finishes speaking, Johnny and Baby launch into one of the most unforgettable dance sequences in history.

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