Les relations du 21ème siècle (French Edition)

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Inequalities are increasing and becoming more complex, while at the same time the development of emerging countries, social transformations and democratic transitions trigger new hope for the reduction of poverty and the promotion of human rights.

Repenser l’humanisme au 21e siècle

The rise of information technology is creating a new global public space which brings together cultures and peoples, while at times exacerbating misunderstandings and tensions. Several crises which affect society and severely test the capabilities of States are also accompanied by an abundance of new ideas and innovative projects. We are witnessing the emergence of new actors, issued from civil society, and young people who are inventing new forms of solidarity and social action. They are drawing on the unlimited resources of human intelligence and are fostering the hope of a new humanism — a humanism adapted to the challenges of our time.

To be a humanist today means adapting the power of an ancient message to the demands of a modern world.

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It means rethinking the conditions of mutual understanding, the construction of peace, the protection of human dignity, and the means to fully achieve the potential of each individual. The liberating impetus which runs through the history of humanism can serve as a guide for us.

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In the 15th century, the philosopher Pico della Mirandola defined the central concept: human dignity lies in the power specific to each human being to give themselves whichever forms of identity they choose. This effort of self-training is infinite, and it always starts with education. This principle is the same today, although we are on a different scale: it is no longer about educating a group of privileged people but about ensuring access to quality education for every man and woman, every girl and boy, thus releasing a potential of development unprecedented in history.

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Fifty-seven million children of primary school age today do not go to school. Among those who are lucky enough to go to school, several million learn practically nothing there, and are unable to read, write or count upon leaving.


We urgently need to recruit and train the teachers needed by this youth, including making use of the new tools of the Internet and mobile telephones which make it possible to bring education even to places where there are no schools. Such an effort for individual education is inseparable from a collective ambition, which is the other essential component of humanism.

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  • Human beings fully realise their potential within a community. The Delors Report commissioned by UNESCO nearly twenty years ago, Education: The treasure within, already pointed the way to go by recognising that education culminates in a knowledge of how to live together.

    All the cultures of the world meet in the unity of human civilization.

    Humanism is a continuously renewed effort to highlight common values and the connections, sometimes hidden but always deep, that join together people and culture. The world heritage bears evidence of such exchanges and mutual influences. It is the open book of our reciprocal relations, which education can help us to discover. The knowledge of history teaches us that the fundamental rights inscribed in the Manden Charter , passed down since the 12th century in Mali, are not substantially different from those of the Magna Carta , which were drawn up at the same time in England.

    No culture is isolated, and we need one another in order to be fully ourselves. UNESCO endeavours to mobilise the resources of education, culture and the sharing of knowledge, in order to maintain the bonds which bring us closer together and help us to have a better life together in mixed societies. Home Evolving regional values and mobilities in global contexts.

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    • Published on Tuesday, November 19, by Anastasia Giardinelli. This 7th Europe-Asie conference the first 6 were held in France, Korea, France, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Kyrgyzstan looks at the cultural constructions for regions. It brings together scholars from both regions and analyses these constructions from a multidisciplinary perspective.

      Potential presenters are encouraged to submit papers based on ongoing research in Regional studies in Asia and Europe, focusing on the politics of identity of modern post-war regions.

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      These six conferences and ten publications highlight the dedication of a team of researchers engaged in international comparisons, now opening up to colleagues from Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany, India, New Zealand, England, Belarus, Lithuania, etc. The edition covers both continental Asia and the Indo-Pacific space.

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      After looking in previous editions at the context and framework of region-building, as well as at its limitations and results, this 7 th conference focuses on the cultural basis for identity-building through and thanks to region-building. Regional construction tends to modify the nature of identities, from national to international.

      The conference will focus on five aspects of the question : 1 the need for regions, 2 regions as formal constructs, 3 values derived from regional student mobility, 4 reactive Asian initiatives among regions, and 5 European reactive strategies. The origins of the need to organise competition. Peter Lang PIE has published six volumes from these European-Asian co-operations in , a, b, c, , A selection of the best texts presented at the Warsaw conference shall be submitted for publication to Peter Lang PIE.

      Deadlines no exception : send to zajaczkowski uw.