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Marty and Appleby illustrate very convincingly the fact that the centers of the new identities are not synagogues, churches, nor mosques, but rather radio and television.

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These elements are significant to the cultivation of the intolerance which can be seen to be a global phenomenon. We could probably see aspects of fundamentalism in religious activities that do not seem quite ideological. What is characteristic to the religious ideologies is their totalitarian instinct.

As was in the case of secularized religion Marxism , the totalitarian impulse generated violence and intolerance. Marty and Appleby also mention the fact that the constant component of fundamentalism is the idea of fighting. Although it is usually known as violence, the idea of fight has many meanings: All the traits explained by these two authors have a strong ideological characteristic.

Michael von Bruck shows that when we talk about fundamentalism, we must be conscious of two aspects of this movement: Western relativism created a large variety of negations and refusals. The tendency of the Western world to expand its forms outside the Western world makes inevitable an increase of the crisis of identity and the expanding of relativism in the territories outside the Western world. Von Bruck emphasizes two sources of negation and refusal: Many groups, for political reasons and for the purpose of establishing a unique, absolute identity, evidence the desire for comfort and security offered by a strong identity Fundamentalism is a religious idea.

If we judge it in the context of globalization, we will observe that fundamentalism has a large variety of forms, that it claims its existence from different cultural contexts and religious doctrines. Fundamentalism is a global phenomenon that constitutes itself as a plurality of fundamentalisms, which do not have a certain territorial or cultural circumscription, which are not related 14 to certain territories, but rather to global influence zones. The fundamentalisms have a local structure that integrates itself in a large net of global structures.

Religious ideologies create identity types, which can sustain the most unexpected solidarities. The solidarity between intolerance and violence is a common pattern of totalitarian ideology. Artemis, Bucuresti, , p. Stiintifica, Bucuresti, , p. Engels, Despre religie On Religion , Ed. Engels, Ideologia germana The German Ideology , ed. Marx, Contributii la critica economiei politice Contributions to the Critique of Political Economy , ed.

Lenin, Despre religie, Ed.

Lenin, Despre religie On Religion , ed. Nemira, Bucuresti, , p. Antet, Bucuresti, , p. Huntington, Ciocnirea civilizatiilor The Clash of Civilizations , ed.

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Scott Appleby, Fundamentalism Project, vol. I, Fundamentalism Observed, ed. Mureseanu presents in an essayistic approach the history of tolerance as a concept. Its very domain may be described as regarding the relations among human beings. The concept has been dealt with different approaches as the philosophical, moral and political one.

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The article focuses especially on the religious tolerance, and also on the opposition of the pair of terms: Evident, unul dictat de interesul instinctual, si lipsit cu totul de vreo conotatie morala. Omul percepea, prin urmare, forte irezistibile ce se abateau asupra-i. Toleranta nu are ca substrat pasivitatea, ci este o atitudine cu resorturi la fel de active ca si intoleranta: A mai fost alterata si de alcoolemia organica a certitudinilor, a convingerilor proclamate ca fiind de necontestat. Niciodata spiritul sovaitor, atins de hamletism, n-a fost primejdios. Cu religiile, lucrurile sunt mai nuantate, spre a nu spune mai complicate.

Asemenea exemple au fost, din nefericire, prea numeroase Islamul a fost si a ramas intolerant, brahmanismul cam tot asa. Nici iudaismul nu e dispus la recunoasterea adevarurilor altor credinte. Budismul, cu a sa profunda meditativitate de 19 factura morala, nu pare pornit sa persecute pe cei de alte convingeri. O terapeutica recunoscuta ca eficienta. Sunt spatii diferite, complementare, cel mult cu sfere tangente, dar principial non-interpenetrabile.

The author argues that in the case of tolerance, the success lies not in tolerating the other, not even in the weaker sense of the word , but rather in accepting him. The acceptance of the Other is the complete and powerful meaning of tolerance. Acceptance ends where the very presence of the concept of tolerance is undermined and compromised by its history of colonialism and exploitation. Therefore, the primary solution to understand and apply tolerance is the recognition of alterity, in an inner and outer meaning alike. To hate, dissension, and intolerance, eventually. Basically, Umberto Eco is right.

The mass media today has a colossal influence. His was no minor gaffe. A public statement, be it false as the example above or not, becomes real by the very fact that it is interpreted as real the celebrated sociological theorem of Thomas. Unfortunately, I am under the impression that Silvio Berlusconi has not reconsidered his belief by admitting the mistake. He continues as a prisoner of the stereotypes of the Enlightenment and of progressive origins, which regard the West as the hub of the universe, with all the other religions, cultures and civilizations as mere appendices to the European history.

Then I can only assume that he lacks a profound knowledge of the Islam as well as the culturally activated propensity to understand and tolerate his Muslim fellows. Perhaps it is not far from the truth to say that Silvio Berlusconi is through his famous statement the prototype of the Western politician. Pragmatic, tactful and diplomatic, but hardly knowledgeable in issues of the philosophy of alterity and the social imaginary.

The public persona of Berlusconi embodies the weaker form of the concept of tolerance.


From this perspective, X in his capacity of Western politician tolerates the other, because X is a priori invested with a special status, a superior one by necessity, and the other, whether part of the minority or not, lives by his consent only. His logo reads as follows: By the very fact that the Other is different from myself, he is inferior to me. Keeping the distance is compulsory2. Still, the risks of this weaker form of tolerance can be quite vehement.

In the extreme, they might lead to intolerance and crime. The sequences of this malefic intellectual mechanism are hardly a novelty in history. To start with, due to its differentiated status, the Other is beheld as charged with negativity. This intolerability may easily pass into discourse and into actions. Stefan Afloroaei exemplifies the negative load of the alter by using the Latin equivalent, where alter means only the other, the adversary, the opposite, etc.

Moreover, in public confrontation altera pars the other party is suggestively associated with avocatus diaboli.

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Also, altera avis the other bird refers to imminent misfortunes and stands for the implicit evil of the time. Not to mention alter homo, equated to the barbarian, hardly a chance associa23 tion. His social condition is often that of the foreign wanderer, the plebeian and the servant, the insane and the damned.

Oftener than not, the encounter with the Other takes the shape of the relation between the nomad and the sedentary.


The famous Night of Saint Bartholomew, alongside the dark September 11, have become apparent indications of the demonization of the Other and of an impressive failure of tolerability. Today, all these can not be imputed to either one side. To a certain degree, politicians, citizens, public institutions and the media alike are to be blamed.

The media have their own instruments to cultivate and to perpetuate some dichotomous social relations that in certain contexts may favor an increase in intolerance.